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Retrofit Cruise Control System

Save Money on Fuel & Speeding Tickets by fitting a VW Cruise Control System.

© VW Teesside

Please note: Whilst the Cruise Control System will work with most VAG cars, we can only confirm that the retro-fit kit will work on cars with Drive-by-Wire throttle's & the ECU may need activating.

This System will not work with a cabled throttle.

ECU Activation is a 5 minute job & can be done with VAG-COM or VW diagnostic tool VAS 5051/5052 with a VW Dealer / Specialist in your area.

Suitable for the following vehicles;

Beetle 1998-2008 [upto 1C/9C*7*599000]

Beetle Cabriolet 2003-2008 [upto 1Y*7*499000]

Bora [MK4 Jetta] 1999-2005

MK4 Golf 1998-2006

MK1 [1U] Octavia 1999-2011

MK1 TT 1999-2005

MK1 A3 1997-2003

MK1 Leon 1999-2005

MK2 Toledo 1999-2004


What's in the Box?

1J0 Indicator Stalk with Cruise (Not the older 8L0 Stalk)

Cruise Control Stalk to Bulkhead Loom

ECU Loom [Only required for 2.0, 1.8T, 1.6 16v & 1.4 16v engines], select 1.8T Kit

Individual Looms available separately below


Price: TDi Kit £107.96 each - 1.8T Kit £111.96 each

Shipping Price:

UK: Included

Europe: £12.00

Worldwide: £15.00

© VW Teesside

Please Note:

Engine Codes: APF, AQN, AQP, AUE, AVU, BDE, BEH, BFH, BML require the TDi Kit, as they have the ECU pre-wired

2.0, 1.8T, 1.6 16v & 1.4 16v engines not listed above require an Extra Loom for the ECU, please select the Golf 1.8T kit.


Please ensure you select the correct Kit.




Engine Type & Destination

DIY Guides:

Golf / Bora Engine Code Compatibility Chart

MK4 Golf / Bora Full Photographic guide

Retrofitting Golf / Bora Cruise Control (PDF)



Individual Cruise Looms

Loom A - Cruise Stalk to Bulkhead Loom

Loom B - Bulkhead to ECU Loom for 1.4 16v engines

Loom C - Bulkhead to ECU Loom for 2.0, 1.8T & 1.6 16v engines



Loom Number




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