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Retrofit Cruise Control System

Save Money on Fuel & Speeding Tickets by fitting a VW Cruise Control System.

© VW Teesside

© VW Teesside

Trip Option on Wiper Stalk Shown


Suitable for the following vehicles;



2010 to Build Date: 03.11.2013

2014 T5's built after this date can use ths kit available on this link
This includes the 2014 Highline models that have arrived from the Factory without the Cruise installed & dealers are insisting on fitting Cobra Cruise Kits, as they're still banned by VW UK from Fitting / Coding these Genuine Cruise Kits.


This kit can only be used on Vehicles with Body Control Module [J519], Part no. 7H0 937 087/088/089.., vehicles with part no 7H0 937 086.. will require a new BCM.


See our Guide; How to check your T5 BCM


What's in the Box?

Genuine VW Combined Indicator Stalk with Cruise Control & Wiper Stalk [with or without Trip option]

The Trip Switch Option is for the Multi-Function Fuel Computer on the Wiper Stalk as shown above, as this Dash is a standard fit on all T5 GP's, you can activate / use the DIS with 3 x wires & coding.

Genuine VW Cruise Loom [will require the ECU wire lengthing]

It has been noted that due to the relay carrier [J329] being moved on RHD vehicles to behind the headlight switch & the loom will not reach back over to the fuse box, so we will include a fuse holder.

Instruction Booklet for DIY Fitting

Instructions Available in English, French, Italian, Czech, Dutch. Swedish & Spanish.

Futher details from Ross Tech

VCDS Coding screenshots



Kit Options

Kit 1: With Rear Wiper & No Trip [or with MFSW]

Kit 2: With Rear Wiper & with Trip [No MFSW]
[To Retrofit Trip, please add 3 x Repair Wires below]

Kit 3: Without Rear Wiper & No Trip [or with MFSW]

Kit 4: Without Rear Wiper & with Trip [No MFSW]
[To Retrofit Trip, please add 3 x Repair Wires below]




Kit 1 & 3: £125.00 each

Kit 2 & 4: £135.00 each


UK Ecomony: Included

UK Express: £5.00

Europe: £20.00

Worldwide: £30.00

European/Worldwide Express Shipping also available upon request



If you wish to travel to our Workshop in Saltburn [TS12], we now provide a Fitting & Coding service, please contact us for details.

Fitting & Coding Prices start from £380.00 for the above kits


Payment via Paypal

UK Shipping Option

Select Kit & Destination


European & Worldwide Shipping Options
Select Kit & Destination


Actviate your Fuel Computer [MFA / MFC / DIS] with a simple installtion
3 x DIS wires £22 + Shipping, if not purchased with another product.
We can also build the loom with numbered tags for £5 extra

Shipping option

Full Instructions on this procedure will be provided with the kit

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