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Window Regulator Repair Kits

Has your Golf, Bora, Beetle, Leon or Toledo Window Dropped?

This kit will fix all front window regulator faults:

Your Electric Window Motor sounds but the glass doesnt move, glass dropped to one side, or dropped into the door? (This is caused by the plastic clamps breaking)

Noisy, grinding operation or jamming when trying to clsoe the window? (This is caused by a snapped, twisted, corroded or fraying cables or spool)

We have the new Polymide 6.6 (POM66) window clips which have replaced the aluminium ones previously supplied to replace the poorly designed old white plastic ones, which become brittle and break after a few years. Usually it is only these clips that are required when the window glass falls down into the door, but VW do not sell them separately, only as part of this kit.

The kit also contains new cables including the diagonal cable and the pre-wound take-up spool, which only need be used if the existing wires are damaged.

Only the Genuine VW kits come with the newly VW designed, Polymide 6.6 retaining clips, now used in

Please Note: Kits are Handed, as sat in the Car

i.e. Right = UK Drivers Side (RHD)


Be aware that complete regulators come with the original faulty designed plastic clips that caused the failure in the first place; they are also more expensive at over £100 & Beetle ones are over £200.

DIY fitting Guide:http://vwgolfr32.co.uk/windowregulator/

MK4 Golf - 2/3 Door

Regulator Repair Kit

MK4 Golf / Bora - 4/5 Door

Regulator Repair Kit



1998-2011 Beetle including Convertible / Cabriolet

Regulator Repair Kit


MK1 Seat Leon / Toledo [1M]

Regulator Repair Kit


2003-2011 Touran Front

Regulator Repair Kit


MK1 Skoda Octavia

Regulator Repair Kit



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