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Data sticker explanation


The data sticker is a white four inch sticker full of codes found in the service record book and in the boot (trunk) of the car. The data sticker contains all of the information about your car such as: chassis number, engine code, gearbox code, optional equipment, paint code and lots more information. A typical sticker looks like this:

1 Vehicle identification number

2 Model designation


3 Engine output / gearbox / month and year of manufacture


4 Paint number / interior equipment

5 Optional equipment






6 Unladen weight / fuel consumption / CO2 emissions


8D2 0LK
A4 Limousine 2.4

121KW                  A5                      09/00
AML                  EZX

LY7W/LY7W     N5F/ BR

1KD JOL 1LB     1AC 1BA
3FA         5MY 7XO 4R3
1MR     8Q1 9Q2 8Z5 MT2
7QO C6P 7KO 4X1 2K1 6RO
3L3         3YO 4K4 5D1
1SA     0GG Q1D     4GP


1434  15,0  7,6  10,1      242

1. Vehicle identification number WAUZZZ8DZ1A159115 This is your cars chassis number, unique to only that car. The 8D means A4, the 1 is the model year: 2001, A is the factory where the car was built: Ingolstadt, and the 159115, is the actual chassis number.

2. Model designation. 8D2 is the car and body type 8D is an A4 and 2 is saloon. 0LK is the engine and gearbox combination, in this case a 2.4 litre V6 engine with an automatic 5 speed gearbox.

3. Engine output / gearbox / month and year of manufacture. Engine output on the data sticker states 121 Kilo watts (165 hp). A5 is automatic 5 speed gearbox. 09/00 is the month / year of manufacture. AML is the actual engine code for this 2.4 V6 engine. EZX is the gearbox code for this 5 speed automatic gearbox.

4. Paint number / interior equipment. This is the exterior paint colour code, the interior trim type and colour of that trim type. The paint code of LY7W is Aluminium silver metallic, or, as is often the case in another country! in the USA the same paint code is Silver Sea light metallic! same colour, two different names. N5F is the type of interior trim, in this case N5F is Nautilus and the colour of this cars Nautilus trim is BR, which is onyx black.

5. Optional equipment codes. Each one of these codes relates to a specific function or feature fitted to the car. Just taking one of these codes 1LB this code means the car has ventilated front disc brakes with dimensions of 288mm diameter and 25mm thick disc width (when new). There are many of these codes and very few two cars are the same!

6. Unladen weight / fuel consumption / CO2 emissions. Unladen weight of this car is 1434 kilos. Fuel consumption figures are distance per measure of fuel and in what driving conditions. The way these figures are quoted vary from country to country. CO2 emissions of 242 grams per km, automatic gearbox cars are usually slightly higher than manual gearbox cars with the same engine. A manual gearbox version of this car with exactly the same spec. would probably be 223 grams per km.

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