Cruise Control



Cruise Control Install

MK4 Golf Platform

Including VW Beetle / Bora, Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon / Toledo, Audi A3 & TT


Here follows below, a detailed 'how-to' for the retro-fitting of Cruise Control into the VW Golf Mark 4 (MK IV) TDi.


Petrol Engines require the addition of some extra wiring which is missing between the bulkead connection socket and the ECU.
TDi's & Engines Codes [APF, AQN, AQP, AUE, AVU, BDE, BEH, BFH, BML] are Pre-wired from the Bulkhead Connectore upto the ECU & do not require this loom


The wiring schematic showing the loom is here: Golf 1.8T Wiring Guide

These wires can be sourced from VW Direct on eBay ;

1.8T, 1.6 16v & 2.0 Petrol Engine Loom on eBay Item 370782615559

1.4 16v Loom on eBay Item 360658757506



The information listed on this website is given in good faith, it is supplied 'as-is'.  No responsibility is accepted for any damage arising from following this guide.



M12 Spline Drive (for the steering wheel bolt)


4mm Flat-Blade screwdriver (long reach)


Philips screwdriver (medium point)


Philips screwdriver (small point, long reach)


Torx drivers: T15, T20, T25, T30




Sockets: 10mm, 13mm


Ring/open ended spanner: 10mm


Laser 3932 Tool is the equivalent to VAS Tool 1978 Pin Removal Tool available for around £8-£10 on Amazon


Silverline 702445 Wiper Arm Removal Tool is also useful, available as an add-on item for £3.50 on Amazon


Sticky tape (electrical)


Marker Pen


Genuine VW Parts:

The Genuine VW Cruise Kits available on


Replacement Indicator Stalk Switch with cruise control



Wiring loom/s for cruise control switch including the ECU Looms when selecting the 1.8T Kit







First step is to do the internal switch swap  - just in case you have to do the job over several days, and want to use the car between.


            CLICK HERE FOR THIS STEP: Cruise- Stalk


For the second step it is best to do the outside next.


         CLICK HERE FOR THIS STEP: Work- Outside 


For the third step you could do this alongside the external works - I did.


        CLICK HERE FOR THIS STEP:  Wiring- Inside